Jean Shrimpton Shoot; Final Image:

sara 5.jpg

I think this shoot went really well as I had got the image that I wanted and what I think represents what I want it to. Even though it took a lot of trial and error photos I feel like it was worth it as in the end I had achieved the result I wanted. By having Sara in her floaty top I think it adds to the photo as the ‘wind’ makes it look soft and glamorous in a way. Although David Bailey doesn’t have Jean Shrimpton in a floaty top, by doing this it makes it my own and it shows how I have interpreted it.

For this shoot I used one flash light without a soft box, I didn’t want to use a soft box as it diffuses the light and I wanted it quite harsh and directly onto the model. This works a lot better as you can then manipulate the light how you want it to look, creating shadows and where you want them. I also used a light reflector but not to reflect the light but to use it to create the wind to blow her hair, at first it was too much but then the person who was helping me with my shoot, worked out a balance on what works with what I wanted. Just like the other photos I had taken I had done the shoot on a black background as I feel like the model pops out more when the photo is converted into black and white.

The editing process was in photoshop and again like the other photos not a lot of editing was involved. To make the image look softer I duplicated the image and made one of the layers clarity really low and revealed it by using a layer mask. Then made it black and white by using fill. I didn’t want to do a lot of work to the photo as I wanted it to have a natural feel to it, rather than having it over edited and lose it’s originality.



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