Final Evaluation:

This project for me was pretty successful as I had achieved what I set out to do. Due to the fact that I have three successful images that have turned out how I wanted them to do. In my opinion they look like David Baileys work but also my own as I created something slightly different.

I had improved my work throughout this project, such as the lighting for the portraits I had shot and adapting the lighting to what I wanted to create. For each shoot I used flash lighting but for more centred light I used a reflector elinchrom rather than a softbox as they disperse the light around the subject. I had never used a reflector elinchrom before so it was a good experience to do so as I would like to use to more in my work, as it makes the lighting harder and creates good shadows.

My portrait work has evolved from this project as my work is based around portraits. This project was a good idea for me as I do enjoy taking portraits of people and it has been good to do so, as all three of my pieces are very different from each other. I’ve developed many skills from this project from, editing to the lighting. Each skill I’ve learnt has taught me what makes a good portrait and what aspect of that skill makes the photo successful.

The unit 9 aspect was really helpful and had really opened my eyes to where I want to go and what I wanted to do with my future and how I was going to get there once I had finished my two-year course. Doing the progression talks was good as it allowed me to see what course I wanted to do and what they involve.

If I was to do this again I would change small parts about the photos to make them look more alike but I wouldn’t want to change the photos I have now. I think with slight changes it would make my images stronger. I would also try to do other photos that David Bailey has created, as I really enjoyed doing his work. Having more images would create a better range for the viewer to look at. I think that it would have been good for me to do more images as it is more practise and experimenting within my work.

Editing my images didn’t take a lot of time at all as it was quite simply editing that I had done. I didn’t want to over edit my images as I didn’t want them to lose their originality and rustic feel to them. Editing them into black and white made the photos look so much better than what they did when they were in colour. I think that adding them into black and white gave them a different feel to them and adding more dimension into the faces and shadows. I mainly dodged my work as I liked the highlights that it created on the faces and skin.

With the research aspect I really enjoyed it as it was something that I wanted to do, and enjoyed researching into David Bailey. By researching into him into depth it helped me improve my work and get the results that I wanted to achieve. Whilst doing the shoots I printed out David Baileys images so that I could get the adjustments and positioning right. My idea had changed from my original idea as at first I wanted to do different eras but once I had looked into David Baileys work my idea had changed into something so much better and which I have enjoyed doing for my project.








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