Final Evaluation: CoLab

For this assignment I collaborated with a range of people,all different ages and styles. I liked collaborating with them as it gave me an insight of what it is like to photograph people of different ages and if it was difficult or not. Such as photographing someone who is 7 turned out to be easy, however I haven’t photographed a mass of 7 year olds so I couldn’t give that as a solid answer.  So far through this course we have collaborated before, by doing tasks within the class such as the scavenger hunt and the band shoot task.

To collaborate with my models I used a variety of ways. Such as when I asked my mum I asked her face to face which was the same with the older lady, with Megan I text her, with Maddie I text her mum,with Shauna I text my Dad,with Ebony I text her mum.

With all the models we agreed that they would do their own make-up and I would take the photographs. We decided this as I explained my idea for the CoLab project and we agreed that it would be best for them to do their make-up as that it was my idea was.

We worked together well as we were communicating well and we both listened to each other which helped a lot. We also shared ideas of what would be best and how we could achieve that. Before we took the shoot we planned what day,where and when we took it. I also had a bit of input into the make-up side as the models asked me if they looked okay ect. No one was a dominant in the shoot as we both had equal parts to do and we both took responsibility into what we had to. I’d say we were organised by doing our planning and knowing what we wanted to be the final outcome. However for the younger girls I’d say I was more dominating as they didn’t really know what to do, so I spent more time helping them succeed in what they needed to do.

The research I had done helped me create my final outcome as it allowed me to see how different people had done their make-up,no matter their age. I think my favourite part of researching was when I researched Iris Apfel because she was just a quirky individual. Iris Apfel influenced me to use an older person for my assignment because I wanted to show the contrast of younger people compared to an older generation.

I also wanted to use an older generation because of the older ladies I see in work with their bright blue eyeshadow over powering their whole face, or their bright red lipstick which ends up in the creases of their lips. It shows that they haven’t changed their style of make-up since they had first done it, it shows that their make-up hasn’t changed over time but it does show how people have adapted it over time. Although I didn’t use an older lady with loads of bright coloured make-up on, I still feel that it shows that once you get older you don’t need as much make-up as people my age wear, because by the time you are 80 years old you have finally accepted your self and no longer care what people think of you,or how you see yourself.

I feel like I had done enough research and a wide range of it because I have researched make-up styles from different countries and make-up stereotypes that people have places on Southerners and Northerners. By researching a wide variety it gave me an insight on how people from different countries have a different way of putting on their make-up compared to people from England.

My ideas had changed throughout this project because I was going to use my cousin who is 4 but didn’t end up using her. The reason I didn’t end up using her was because I had done some research on children wearing make-up, such as beauty pageants ect, and I didn’t want my work to portray something that I don’t feel is right.

My english skills were used throughout this project because I have been evaluating my work and using it on an everyday basis. My maths skills were used occasionally when I needed them. For example when I was doing the what is my time worth task, I had to do some calculations on how much I would be paid if I was a professional photographer. I also used it when I was doing the white balance on the camera and the shutter speed ect.

I didn’t vary my photoshop techniques because I wanted to make the photos look sharp and light. I didn’t do much to them because I wanted their faces to be true and to show their ‘imperfections’. For the camera I had to experiment with the ISO and the shutter speed, which I had never really done before.

For the character development chart I feel like I have done all of it because by working with someone else you need to know how to communicate and how to respect the other person. Taking responsibility is important for a project like this because it makes you more professional as you have more deadlines to reach and the person would want to see the final piece of work you have produced.

For this project I feel like I dealt with my stress levels well as I didn’t stress as much because I had started taking photo shoot as soon as I planned what I was going to do and had my idea written down. I have met the deadline as I have all my images printed out and ready for the 7th. My time management is so much better since the first project as I have learnt the priorities of the tasks and what needs to be done first, and what needs the longest time to do.

I put a lot of effort into my work because I wanted to make sure that my idea had come across in my work. I also wanted it to do be finished in a professional manner. For each shoot I tried to take 5 good photos that I could use and edit, and then find the one I was going to use for the age.

The challenges I had faced was easy to overcome as I realised I didn’t actually want to do that anyway ( using a 4-year-old) This was first a challenge because my Auntie had no time for me to go over and take photos of Isla. But once I had done more research into younger girls wearing make-up I decided I did not want to do it because I didn’t want portray something I don’t feel is right.

I learnt that you need to have communication skills if you want to work in a professional manner, because you need to communicate your ideas and where you want the model to stand. Communication is also important because you need to talk to the model about what is going to happen and the legal side of things. Respecting the model is more than important because you need to allow the model to trust you so that you can take photos of them. You also need to respect the model because you need them to still want to do the shoot at the end of the project, and if you don’t respect them they wont want to work with you.

The work I have produced meets the assignment brief because I have worked with more than one person collaboratively, and have achieved the goal that I wanted to do achieve. My work and documented evidence shows what I had done to achieve my work and how the people I had collaborated with had an involvement in the work I had produced.

The parts that I had enjoyed were when I had watched the models do their make-up and taking the photos of them off guard so they looked more natural. Also whilst taking the photos it was more fun then serious because of the way we made the atmosphere feel.

Next time I want my work to look more sharp because there was two photos that I am not 100% sure on but I like. I just wish there were more sharp and the colours were better. The reason they had not come out as sharp as I wished they did was because of the lighting. Even though I edited the photos more brighter and less yellow, they still aren’t as sharp as I hoped. To make the lighting better I will book out some lighting equipment to make sure that the light is not as yellow and projects a more bright white colour.

When we had done the paired crit with someone else in the group we received some feed back, the feed back I got was about using the studio for some portraits so that the model was the main subject in the photo. Which I 100% agree with because then maybe the photos would be more sharp and it would look more professional because the back ground wouldn’t be as busy as they are.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.09.36.pngThis is a pie chart showing how many hours I had spent on each section. I feel like this is a good amount of time spent on each one because I had done 6 photo shoots and edited 5 photos each photo shoot, the time I have taken to do this project is a good amount of time.

If I was to charge a client for the work that I had done I would be charging £900 ( 60hours-x£15) That is a lot of money to pay but thinking about the amount of work that has been put in and the hours that I have spent ect that isn’t a bad price.


The Ages:

The Lady→  The lady represents how you don’t need to wear make-up when you get older because you have lived with your body and facial features for your whole life, and you’ve grown to embrace them. Such Iris Apfel has clearly shown from the last couple of years.

Nikki:→ Nikki represents how when you become an adult you only really wear full on make-up when you are going out for a meal ect. During the day you wear subtle make-up because there is no need to wear full on glam.

Megan:→ Megan represents people my age who are insecure about their features and want them to be covered. She also shows how much make-up people my age actually wear during the day. This shows a contrast to what adults wear at nights out, and what teenagers wear on a daily basis.

Maddie:→ Maddie shows that people can influence your decisions and can make you make a better choice by not applying a lot of make-up. And actually accepting yourself for who you are. Although some influences are bad, influences that can help form who you are and help form who you inspire to be can be a good choice.

Shauna:→ Shauna shows that you are wear subtle make-up but still make it look like you are wearing a lot. Subtle make-up to Shauna is a bit of mascara and some lipgloss but subtle make-up to someone older could be a lot more different. If Shauna now believes that, that is the amount of make-up she needs to wear on a daily basis, she has got it correct because she doesn’t need a lot a make-up at her age or even when she is older.

Ebony:→ Ebony shows that girls her age do not feel insecure of themselves and are comfortable to not to wear make-up.

What Is My Time Worth??

For this task we have been asked to use are researching skills to find out information about: average minimum wage for our age, average UK working hours a week and average working week of a photographer.

Average Minimum Wage For A 16 Year Old:

To research this I used thew website because it is a trusted website set up by the government to give out information to people who need it.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 09.43.18.png

This chart clearly indicates the pay for each age group on an average in October 2016. For 16 year olds the average pay is £4, which has gone up from £3.87 last year in April 2016.

Average UK Working Hours A Week:

On average you can’t work more than 48 hours a week, unless you opt out of that and work more. Some jobs require you to work more than 48 hours a week, depending on the job role.Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 09.47.50.png

If you are under 18 years old you can’t work more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. I also found this information on

Average Working Week Of A Photographer:

The average working week of a photographer is 40 hours or more depending on the area of photography you do.For example portrait photographers work up to 40 hours a week, whereas news photographers usually work longer and irregular hours meaning they must me ready to work on short notice.

International Salaries Comparisons: 

A Uk commercial photographer earns £20,011 a year.

An American commercial photographer earns $45,602

An Australian commercial photographer earns $AUS 58,181

Calculation Time=Money

For the second project ‘Going Local’ I worked out that I spent 70 hours on the project, if I was to get paid by college I would receive £280.

The hourly rate for a commercial photographer is £10.42, so if I was charging that much for the hours I did for ‘Going Local’ I would receive £729.40 which is over double what I would get if I was charging for my average minimum wage.

Hydration and Flush:Korea

In Korea there are wearing a more natural beauty look, however they are putting in contact lenses to make their eyes look more larger but in a natural colour – copying what japanese women are doing –

The products they have been using are water based because they give a more natural finish but a full coverage. By using water based products it keeps your skin hydrated meaning it makes your skin healthier as it is not clogging up your pores.

They have been using blushers to make their skin look like it has a pop of colour like a natural pink undertone (flush). They don’t use a lot so it doesn’t look like they are over doing it with the makeup because they want to keep their makeup to a minimum.

South VS North

I started off googling stereotypical UK makeup when I came across an article comparing women from the South and women from the North. (

The article compares the amount of makeup that gets used between the two, they have clearly stated that women from the North use way more makeup than people from the South, explaining how beauty researchers have found out that Northerners wear up to three fake eyelashes at once, going through them endlessly buying them in bulk.

Stereotypical Northern Makeup Raychem:

→ Northern women buy,on average,a new pair of false eyelashes every fortnight.

→Midlands women own on average 10 red lipsticks

→Irish women tend to reapply mascara 3 times a day

→Northern women are of the more is more style with fake tan

Stereotypical Southern Makeup Raychem:

→Southern women spend 3 hours carefully choosing the correct skin tone match of foundation/tinted moisturiser

→Are most likely to apply fake tan on a thursday evening leaving it enough time for the colour to develop before a friday or saturday night out.

The article is basically saying that the Northerners like to make themselves look plastic and fake, but the person who wrote this article was comparing ‘famous’ people such as Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore,who years ago liked to make herself look orange.However now in 2016 she comes under the stereotypical Southern women as she has a very natural finish to her look and her fake tan isn’t the same as it was years ago.


Photoshoot Six:

Taking photos of Ebony was easy because she was laughing and smiling the whole time, which is the type of photos I like taking because her laugh wasn’t forced she was just laughing and having a good time. I thought that she wouldn’t have liked having her photos taken but she actually really enjoyed it which allowed me to take some good photos of her.ContactSheet-001.jpg

This is some of the photos I had gotten from the shoot and the photo I had used for my final image was 0062. I wanted this photo to be my final image because she isn’t looking at the camera and she has a cheesy grin on her face. I also like how her baby hair is everywhere and she looks really child like. The other photos are good photos to me because I like how she is grinning in each of them and not one of them are a forced smile.

ebony final.jpg This is my final image because of how she is looking away from the camera and looks natural. I like how Ebony isn’t wearing any make-up because that shows that she hasn’t got to the stage where she isn’t happy with her self. It also links to my point of not wearing make-up at such a young age.

To edit this photo I adjust the temperature of the photo because it had a yellow tone to it because of the lighting. By adjusting the temperature it helps bring out the colours on her face and her dimples. I also adjusting the brightness of the photos because I wanted to see the highlights on her nose and cheeks. On the RAW plug-in I adjusted the clarity of the photos to draw out her facial features better and the wispy parts of the hair.

Also I like how her eyes are distracted and are not looking right at the camera, with her looking away it gives a more natural feel and allows her to be more relaxed.

Photoshoot Five:

This photo shoot consisted of the same steps as the other photo shoots that I have done. I used my boyfriends cousin Maddie for this shoot. As Maddie is 12 I wasn’t expecting her to wear full on glam makeup. Maddie actually went for a more subtle makeup look like Shauna had done. However I have known Maddie to wear more makeup than what she was wearing in this shoot, barely any foundation, a little bit of mascara and some lip gloss. I asked Maddie why she is not wearing much makeup and she told me because she likes the minimalistic look that Cara Delevingne wears and how she doesn’t need much makeup to look beautiful. Clearly to me that shows that models are a big influence to young girls on how they present themselves and how they want people to see them the same as that model if they do the same thing as them.

contactsheet-001This is the contact sheet for this photo shoot. This is not all of the photos that I had taken for this shoot but they were the ones that I thought were the better ones. The photo I used were 0004, I used this one because it has a friendly approach to it and it looks natural. I also like this photo because it isn’t a forced smile it is very relaxed. Although the lighting is very yellow which I edited in photoshop to make it a more crisp lighting instead of yellow.

maddie final.jpg

The final image of Maddie came out well as the lighting is so much better, making it look brighter than when it was yellow. I put the contrast up higher than what it originally was but not by much. When it was on the RAW plug-in I put up the contrast to make her face look more prominent and sharper. Although it looks like Maddie isn’t wearing any make-up it still shows what an influenced 12-year-old does her make-up like. Like i’ve said she wanted to do a minimalistic make-up look like Cara Delevingne.



Photoshoot Four:

Although I didn’t take the photo of the lady for the specific project, I feel like now I can use her in my work, whereas when I first took the photo of her I was using it for my Going Local project but never actually got to use her, even though she is a very interesting person. The reason I am using her now in my Co Lab project is because I needed her to contrast from the younger people and to show how older people do their makeup.

My research of Iris Apfel links in with this as they are both around the same age. Although this lady doesn’t dress like Iris Apfel she still has her own style which makes her unique. My favourite thing about this lady was her hair and how it was going wild in the wind, but she didn’t care she just laughed it off. To me I feel like she has the same prospects on life, like Iris Apfel does, not caring what anyone else thinks of them as long as they are happy with themselves.


This is the contact sheet that I created from the photos that I took of the lady. I liked the close up portrait of her as you can see her face more clearly. Whereas on the other one you have a whole body shot but cannot see her face as well. However if you zoom into the body shot of the lady and then look into the close up you notice that she is smiling in both. When I spoke to her she seemed like such a happy women who liked to have a laugh as she told me she was running away from her son because he is boring. I used the close up portrait due to the fact you can see more of her face than the other one.


At first I didn’t know if I should use this as my final image due to the back ground being much darker than what it is now. I didn’t like how the grass was so green because it took the focus away from the lady and drawn you to the background more than it needed it to be. To do this I took away some of the green on photoshop by using selective colour. I wanted it to be quite grey/neutral colour so it matched the other photos.Although it is quite a busy back ground like Megan’s it works better now that it does brighter, because not all the focus is on the back ground.

Although she is not wearing makeup she shows that people of that generation don’t need to wear makeup because she has accepted herself for who she is. Like Iris Apfel said I don’t see anything wrong with a wrinkle.Its kind of a badge of courage’ I believe the lady thinks that also, as she hasn’t done anything of the sort to cover them up,she is embracing them.


Photoshoot Three:

For this shoot I used my step sister Shauna, she did her own makeup like the other models I used. I liked photographing Shauna because she didn’t have a lot of makeup on like the other models did, she was quite natural. Before I photographed her I had to get her mum to sign a model release form because she was under 18 years old (11).

ContactSheet-001.jpg This is some of the photos from the shoot that I decided to put into a contact sheet. Although the lighting in some of them are quite dark, I brightened it up on RAW plug-in, I also didn’t like how it was looking quite yellow, so I changed the temperature of the photograph and made it a more cooler toned.The photograph that I used was 0005, I decided to use this photograph due to the fact it is very central and she doesn’t have much of an expression on her face, I also liked this photograph due to how you can see all of her face and how much or how little the amount of makeup she is wearing.

final shauna.jpgThe final image of Shauna came out well as the lighting is so much better and the colours are so much better than the original photograph. I like how the back ground of the photograph is plain so it makes her stand out more, I also like how it is not just white it’s a cream toned colour, this works well as this way she doesn’t blend in with the background because of her white shirt. As Shauna doesn’t have much makeup on I wanted the makeup that she does have on visible, such as the lipstick she is wearing, I wanted to photograph her face on so I could capture the lipstick as that is the most prominent colour on her face. I cropped the photo a bit so that the was in the centre and not off.

Originally I didn’t want any shadows in the photo because I wanted her whole face to be on display and not hidden, however there is a small shadow underneath of chin, which I don’t mind because I feel that it gives dimension to her face more.

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