Jean Shrimpton Shoot; Final Image:

sara 5.jpg

I think this shoot went really well as I had got the image that I wanted and what I think represents what I want it to. Even though it took a lot of trial and error photos I feel like it was worth it as in the end I had achieved the result I wanted. By having Sara in her floaty top I think it adds to the photo as the ‘wind’ makes it look soft and glamorous in a way. Although David Bailey doesn’t have Jean Shrimpton in a floaty top, by doing this it makes it my own and it shows how I have interpreted it.

For this shoot I used one flash light without a soft box, I didn’t want to use a soft box as it diffuses the light and I wanted it quite harsh and directly onto the model. This works a lot better as you can then manipulate the light how you want it to look, creating shadows and where you want them. I also used a light reflector but not to reflect the light but to use it to create the wind to blow her hair, at first it was too much but then the person who was helping me with my shoot, worked out a balance on what works with what I wanted. Just like the other photos I had taken I had done the shoot on a black background as I feel like the model pops out more when the photo is converted into black and white.

The editing process was in photoshop and again like the other photos not a lot of editing was involved. To make the image look softer I duplicated the image and made one of the layers clarity really low and revealed it by using a layer mask. Then made it black and white by using fill. I didn’t want to do a lot of work to the photo as I wanted it to have a natural feel to it, rather than having it over edited and lose it’s originality.



Jean Shrimpton; Contact Sheet:


Although my final image for this shoot wasn’t included into the contact sheet, here are some of my outcomes. I incorporated two different styles into this shoot as I wanted to try and do two different photos that David Bailey had taken of Jean Shrimpton. By trying out the two different styles it gave me a range of images to work from, and helped me develop which style/pose I preferred in the editing stage. I prefer the vertical images as the composition works so much better with what I am trying to achieve. My final image is similar to DSC 5138, I didn’t choose this photo as her back and hands wasn’t in the position I wanted them in. My models back was to forward and her hand wasn’t lifted up in the right way.

David Bailey – Michael Caine; Practise Shoot:

Michael Caine recreation.jpg

I wanted to edit a photo from the contact sheet to see the if the end result is something I wanted. It turns out that this is the outcome I want to achieve for my final photo shoot for the Michael Caine shoot. Even though I have got somethings I need to improve on to get the correct outcome, looking at this photo makes me kind of want to keep it how it is. But using this and another photo shoot I can then compare and critique them and work out which one worked best. By doing this it will help me understand where I can improve and how I got to my final outcome.

To edit this photo, I used Photoshop and Photoshop RAW. I adjusted the clarity, shadows, highlights and contrast to get the desired edit I wanted. Once I had opened it into Photoshop I had added a 50% grey fill to it to make it black and white. I played around with the levels which really helped bring up the shadows and highlights. As the levels didn’t give me enough shadow without making the image look black, I dodged and burned around the face and hair. This then created the shadow on the light side of the face that I wanted. Even though the shadow is on the opposite side compared the actual photo of Michael Caine, having the shadow on the left looks better in my opinion. I had also added a little bit of a crop to the head, I only cropped it a little bit as I didn’t want to overdo it, due to him having his hair pushed upwards, there would be too much forehead in the shot. Whereas the Michael Caine photo is cropped all the way down to his forehead. However, it works for the framing of the photo as it doesn’t just show his forehead making him look bold or over cropped.

There is a few things that I would change in this photo and that is the cigarette not being straight, it would look better if it was straight as it would look like it is coming out of the photo, making it look less flat and more 3D. I would also change the lighting from beauty lighting to having it 45 degrees right of the model so that the shadow is on the left side of the face again, but I will experiment with the lighting more to create harsher or less harsh shadows on the face and chin.


Practise Shoot; Experimenting:

This shoot was primarily about practising what I want to do for the actual shoot. For this shoot I wanted to recreate the photograph done by David Bailey of Michael Caine, I wanted to do this as I feel like it is quite simple but shows a lot of different hidden meanings.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 09.36.35 copy.jpg

This is the contact sheet from the practise shoot. I asked for some feedback about the shoot and I have been given some constructive criticism into how I can improve the shoot.

  • 24 focal length – this will give me a wide-angle
  • Don’t let the cigarette droop
  • Try crop
  • Use one light – 45 degrees to the left side – Using a dish or a soft-box
  • More serious look
  • Intense stare

I am going to edit photo 4778 to see the outcome and to see what I can improve on for my next shoot.

Shoot One; Edit Three:


final edit

Although it doesn’t look like obvious changes with the editing of this image, I have changed it slightly. The first thing I had done was change the levels so the face was lighter and so the background looked seamless again. I had also taken away his nose stud on the back image so that they didn’t look exactly the same. I think taking away something so small has made a difference in the way he looks in both images. I feel like his face looks slimmer in the back photo, this is due to the shadow that has cast on his neck is thinner than the shadow on the person at the front. The shadow brings in the chin and gives it the appearance of a slimer face shape.

I wanted to have the photo in black and white as I wanted to edit my photos in the style of David Bailey, who shot on film. To have gives the photos a film grain feel I added some noise to the image, but only slightly as I didn’t want to over do it because I didn’t want the focus to be taken away from the main purpose. I also feel that black and white photographs show more emotion as there is no colour distracting you from the emotion and reasoning behind the photo. If there was colour in the photo I feel like it can be too distracting and can cause the focus to be on another part of the image instead of what the main focus is. With black and white photography you can pick out what you want to be seen and what you want to be brighter by dodging and burning. I wanted the background to be black so I could manipulate the tonal range of the whites and blacks in the photo.

I am not 100% with this outcome so I am going to keep coming back to edit it and edit it until I feel happy with the final outcome.

Shoot One; Edit Two:

edit two.jpg

In this edit the first thing I tried out was scaling and replacing the two photos. I think this looks much better as it looks more realistic as he would be further back from the camera so he would be smaller than what the other person is. As I made the photo smaller I had to content aware the edges as they were white. Content aware was easier to do as the background was just all black, if the background had different colours in it, it would of made the task much harder to do as it would of needed to be lined up.

I like how the shirts have blended into the background as I didn’t want that to be the main focus. My main aim was to have his top half as the main focus due to the facial expressions and the difference of the hair.I played around with the levels but I had made his face too dark, which I do not like. I wanted the faces to be lighter but the background darker.


Shoot One; Edit One:

edit one.jpg

To ensure both photos were next to each other seamlessly I used layer mask to reveal one of the photos, this was easy to do as at this point I didn’t scale the photographs so that it looked like he was actually behind him (further away from the camera) I used 50% fill to create convert it to black and white, to change the tones I used selective colour. For the shoot I used a black back drop instead of a white one as black is easier to work with and I fill like faces come out more than what a white back drop would do.

Although I hadn’t done a lot of changes to the photograph this edit gave me the foundations to do my final edit. The harder parts of the editing was done in this edit so in my other edits I didn’t have to worry about layer masks, the background and the editing of the original images. All I had to do really was to play about with the levels and the scale of the two photos of the model until I was happy with the outcome I wanted.

I aligned them up to the way the Kray twins were set out in their shoot, but I decided to change the way I wanted the person at the back to be standing/how close they are to the camera ect. Although I wanted this shoot to be in the style of David Bailey editing the Krays ect, I decided through the editing of my work I didn’t like the outcome he has produced of them as it looks to cartoon like and to me it looks over edited with the burning of the photo. I wanted the faces to be quite bright and visible instead of being dark and hard to make out.


Shoot One; Contact Sheet:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 08.46.59.png

4763 and 4736 are my favourite photos from the shoot due to the atmosphere and presents he has given himself. Having his head cocked to the side slightly makes the photograph more interesting as he isn’t jus stood there with his head straight on. I like how this photo looks similar to the photo of the Krays as they have their heads cocked to the side. I didn’t tell him to cock his head nor did I show him the photo of the Krays which I find quite interesting as he didn’t know that how they posed for their photo.

4742 and 4751 look too happy in a way as he has a smug look on his face, other than making him look fierce he looks more playful. I really like the lighting in 4742 but his facial expressions do not go with the theme of what I was going for. If he pulled a more serious face I would have used that one. However the other problem with this photo if that I feel like he is too close to the camera to have another person behind him, but if it was for a single person photo it would work really well.

For this shoot I used beauty lighting. To achieve this I booked out soft boxes,light metre and a flash trigger. The flash trigger was really helpful as it fired the flash off when I took the photo. You can tell I used beauty lighting as if you look closely into his eyes you can see the light and a shadow has been created under his chin, this is used to hide double chins, it gives the impression of a more slender face shape.Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.41.00.png

Camera Settings:

  • F8
  • Shutter Speed 1/2500
  • ISO 100

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