Evaluation On Going Local!

Although I changed my ideas throughout this assignment,which was due to the research that I had done, I feel that I have used my time well. Unlike the last assignment I felt like I had left some things last-minute because I didn’t plan my time well, but for this assignment I feel that by planning my time better I have managed to get a lot more done. Due to have a better time plan I feel that I didn’t get stressed during this assignment becauase I knew what I had to do and how long I had to do it. I got a bit worried when I didn’t certainly know what I wanted to create for my final images due to my ideas changing constantly.


For my research I used primary and secondary research, this included using artists which linked to the themes that I wanted to explore and producing a questionnaire to find out why the locals like living in Plymouth. Some of my research was just by having conversation’s with people at where I work. I have noticed that you find out more information by using primary research because of the fact that you continuously asking questions and engaging with the conversation, where as using secondary research you can’t ask why it is done like that ect. I feel that with this amount of research I managed to get the information I needed to finish this assignment, I feel that it was in-depth and helped me with my questions I needed and gave me a wider understanding. My influences were mainly by Iwan Baan and Lee Jeffries, which you can see in my final images.

Throughout this project my ideas had changed and developed into better things. I feel that by having my ideas changing it shows that I have researched. My ideas at first were all very different to what I have done now, this is due to looking into Lee Jeffries work and doing a shoot based in the style of him, and also looking into Iwan Baan and understanding his rang of photography, and making an understanding for myself to see why he has photographed the buildings that he has chosen.At first I wanted to use the photographs I had taken of the band because I thought that I should have used the photo with the depth of field but once I did some deeper research and started to do some more shoots I changed my mind.I decided to just stick with two themes because I wanted to focus on two main areas which I thought was mainly about GOING LOCAL.

Throughout this assignment I used english and maths skills, the evidence of this is in my scavenger hunt task and still life. In the scavenger hunt I used math skills to work out the distant travelled and how long it took. The maths skills that were involved with the still life task was working out the amount of light needed on each side making it equal. English skills was used throughout this assignment because of writing in my blog everytime we do work, I have to evaulate what I have done and for it to be readable I have to use good english skills for it to be possible

If I was to do this again I would talk more about the formal elements which will show my understanding of my photo more and it shows that I can critically analyse my own work.

I enjoyed doing this assignment because I got to explore Plymouth in more depth,even though I live in Plymouth it was still good for me as I to go places I hadn’t really been.


Final Images:

Choosing my final images was very hard as I had changed my mind throughout this project, I originally wanted to create a photograph for each theme but instead I have decided to stick with two themes (street photography and environmental photography). I enjoyed taking these photos because I got an insight of the two mens lives, they were both very different from each other which I think I have shown through my images and they have shown it themselves by their expressions in the photos. I have included a contact sheet to show the photographs I have taken and what photos I had to choose from to actually get my four final photographs.

 My four final images are:


Experimenting With Ideas:

Today I had gone off site to take some photographs for my Going Local project. The theme of my photographs varie as I tried to get different styled images for each theme that was set. However today had made me change my mind on what I want to create for my final images. I have decided to do the themes Street Photography aiming it at people and Environment aiming this at buildings and the surroundings people see everyday. I wanted to do my Street Photography aimed at people because there is so many different characters in Plymouth I could photograph, I wanted to do a contrast of the two.

The photos I had produced:


Lee Jeffries Inspired Shoot:

I took this photo shoot with Lee Jeffries in mind as I wanted to use clarity to bring out the persons face more. In order to take these photos I had to face my fear and ask them for their permission to take a photo of them, after the first person I asked I was more confident so I asked four more people to photograph.

Although my photo is not exactly in the style of Lee Jeffries I still used him as my inspiration which lead to me editing my photo in this way.


I edited this photo mainly using clarity and levels. I didn’t want my photo too dark as I felt that it was too over powering and harsh compared to it being quite light. The darkness of the trees make up for the lack of darkness of the lady. The clarity has brought out the wrinkles on the ladies face and made her face look more 3D and less flat. I like how this photo had turn out as it brings out the ladies face and makes her stand out from the background as that is quite dark compared to her.

I had to use a high ISO as it was quite bright outside. It was also windy outside as you can see from the lady’s hair being up straight on the top of her head. By having her hair like this it adds to her character as when I was speaking to her she was very lively and excitable for a 96-year-old! When we had spoken she told me that she had ditched her son and his wife because she wanted to go look at interesting places not boring ones. This really shown what type of person she was.

Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is a photographer who used clarity to make the creases on people’s faces more prominent and to make them look less flattering. His photographs are edited into black and white, this gives the faces more depth and makes it the main focus as most of his backgrounds and locations are black or dark.

These photos to me are very powerful. The photos of the men look like they have a story behind them as they have cuts on their face and look dirty, they could either be hard workers on a building site where they could get dirty easily or they could be homeless, and the dirt is from sleeping rough.

My favourite photo is the one of the lady with her hands on her face as she is showing a bit of sass and attitude. I also like how her hair is styled as it adds to her character. They way that Lee Jeffries has added the clarity to the photo really brings out her age, which I feel that she is trying to hide as she has got a lot of jewellery on and how she has had her hair cut, making her seem younger than what she actually is.


Today we got set a task where we had to take photos which represented gore and horror, to go with today (Halloween) I thought this task was really interesting because I didn’t quite know what to create. The photo I had used to create my final image was a photo I had taken today whilst off site taking photos for my Going Local assignment.

halloween I decided to use a tree with edited in crows as my Halloween image because I thought that the tree looked old and I thought the textures gave it more depth making it look like it was coming out at you. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was going to do, I wanted to do something different and not traditional;skulls,pumpkins ect.

Why I put crows into the image:

I researched why crows are associated with Halloween because I wanted to incorporate something into the tree to make it look more spooky. When I typed this into google I came across someones blog where they had been talking about why crows are associated with Halloween, which linked perfectly with my question, it also gave me the answers I needed. https://batgurrl.net/2011/10/23/crows-ravens-and-halloween/  I got my answers from this as it told me that crows are linked to power of darkness because of their colour and in films they are seen to eat eyeballs and dead flesh of the dead.

To edit my photo I used photoshop and adjusted the clarity to make the textures of the tree stand out  more, I then turned the photo black and white and adjusted the levels making it more dark with light highlights. The crows are my own as I got them from one of my own photos which I had taken for one of my photos for Going Local. Originally they were seagulls but I painted them black to make them be crows. Using a swarm of crows shows how they truly are as they mainly travel in swarms. I wanted them quite small and not the size they would appear when near the tree because I wanted to make it seem that they were flying high above the tree, circling around their prey.


RAW vs Jpeg

Creating this GIF gives a clear over view of the quality difference of Jpeg and RAW. The brighter photo (the first two photos) are the Jpeg’s, the reason it is brighter is because it has been edited for me, making the photo look how the camera thinks it should look.

giphy (1).gif

The darker photo’s (second photos) are the RAW file and it has been left, meaning there has been no pre-editing done to it. The photo is in its natural state, ready for me to edit it myself without having to work from the edited version the Jpeg has created for me.

giphy (1).gif

The image quality of the RAW files is so much better then the Jpeg because  I can then edit them the way I want to with no editing which has already happened. From now on I am going to take my photos in RAW as then I am free to edit them how I would like.

The Report: What Does Going Local Mean To Me?

By asking a variety of people a set of questions, it gave me an insight of what the locals think is/are the most desirable places in Plymouth. Asking a variety of people gave me a better understanding to answer the question I have been asked to answer because I have been given a wider knowledge of where people with a wide age gap from Plymouth like to go. For example: as older people have their own opinion of where they think is best (on the Barbican) and where younger people think is the best place to go (Drake Circus) I decided to ask people with a wide age gap as it gave my answers for my questionnaire variety and also allowed me to make my conclusion better. Both of these places are very different from each other as the Barbican is a very quite, with older architectural buildings, where as Drake Circus is very modern and an up to date place to be, which is full of younger people as the shops mainly cater for them.

Evaluating The Answers:

My first question was:

Where is your favourite place in Plymouth to go? I chose this as my first question as it gave the person a variety of places to choose from and I knew not everyone would like the same place or would choose that place to be their favourite.

The first answer I got given for this question was an in depth answer, as they explained why they like it there and what made it so special to them.

The second answer I got given was less in depth but they still talked about the shops in Drake Circus and how that was good to them. This answer was from an 18 year old and I feel like if I asked more younger adults this question they would have the same answer to give.

The second question was:

How often do you go there? This question gives the person many ways to answer, they could of given me an exact date and time, or they could of been very vague on how they would of answered it.

Both answers I got were very vague but still gave me an understanding on how often they go to that place and who they go with.

The final question was:

If someone who was on holiday asked you where a good place to go,what would you say?

This question gave a different response from the others. At first they didn’t know what to say, the older person answered the same as they did with their favourite place and went in to my depth, however the younger person changed their answer completely and went into more depth whilst answering the question. The answer they gave me was the Hoe, they then went and explained why they think there and it was more about the historical meaning of Plymouth and that they should go see it because no where else has it.

These answers have given me an overall outlook on what I think going local means to me.

My answer to this question is:

Going Local to me is the community that people create. I feel like this important because if there was no community there wouldn’t be a certain atmosphere around. I also feel that the surroundings of Plymouth is important as it makes the city busy and full of people. As I am a young person I feel that I like the busy out look of Plymouth and the feel of everyone everywhere, as it means that there is a community around us. Although not everyone is friendly and approachable you still feel like there is a sense of belonging as they is many people around who are of different cultures and like different things to myself and others.





Peer Assessment Feedback:

Today we got sent off into pairs to evaluate our work so far and how we could improve. This was really useful as I now know areas I can improve on and where I add things in to make it better. I also got constructive criticism and that has allowed me to see that I am doing well.

Unit 1 Introduction to Visual Language:

I noticed that you have understood the formal elements well, however maybe try adding some of the other images from your shoot rather than just having the one example. I liked how you used a contact sheet to critically compare your best images. An improvement you could make to this unit, would be to explain how you edited your images maybe by using some technical language to show that you know exactly what you are doing.

Unit 2 Introduction to Research Skills in A&D:

There is a wide range of research in your blog. I felt research was your strongest area as there is a fair amount of it and each blog post based around research goes into depth. To expand your photographer research further, maybe you could try and interpret their style of photography when shooting yourself.

Unit 3 Introduction to Critical and Contextual Awareness in A&D:

Once your report is added to the blog, this should cover the context side to your assignment. Maybe try to say why you have chosen to photograph what you have. Your research also helps to raise contextual awareness as you are looking at different photographers who photograph in different styles etc.

Unit 4 Introduction to Materials, Processes and Technical Skills in A&D:

I feel that you evaluate your own work well, however to improve you could explain the processes that you went through to create each image. Your photoshop skills are very strong and you could progress and show this even further by maybe completing a few more shoots and displaying them clearly as before and afters once editing them through photoshop. Sometimes GIF’s are a good way to show this! Overall I think your project is coming together really well 🙂

Maths and English.

Maths: Your maths skills are shown to a high standard when looking at the scavenger hunt math task! You have included everything that you need to and it is all laid out clearly, making it easy to understand!

English: Good english skills are alway being used as you are constantly evaluating yourself.

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