Final Evaluation:


My ideas came from the day we got briefed from the  Devon Wildlife Trust when she talked about how balloons are dangerous to turtles as they think they are food once they have lost their helium.(This helped stem my second idea) At first I was dead set on doing something fashion related, I originally wanted to create a garment out of pieces of old rope from beaches. However I thought more into it and it would have taken a longer amount of time to create due to having to go to various beaches to collect pieces of rope and then making the garment, with everything else I had to do on top. But i prefer my second idea to my first anyway, so I am glad it worked out like that.

The world around me helped me with my research due to everyone,including myself,polluting the ocean with many different things. What surprised me the most was how much plastic is going to be over populating the oceans in the future. By knowing this it made me want to emphasis on plastics for my project and how doing small actions can prevent this, even if it is something small, it is still being changed.

The research I had made me develop more in the fact that I was trying new things and experimenting with something that may not even of worked first,second or third time. It took time and patients with the research because I needed to know how to set everything up and how to capture what I wanted to capture. Researching more into plastics helped me come up with putting plastic in the water of the balloon, to me this has shown that every bit of water in the ocean is soon enough going to have a bit of plastic floating in it.

Personally I do feel like I researched into enough depth for my final outcome due it to being successful. The research I had done may not be all related to my final outcome but it helped me understand more about pollution and what it’s going to be like in years to come.


My work is about how people can do small things to change the outcome they are creating within the ocean. I wanted to emphasis on the popping balloons and how that can help the sea life that is in the oceans around the world. I wanted to show popping the balloon has less of a risk of harming the sea life, I added the plastics in the water because I wanted the water to represent the ocean with plastic pollution. Showing that even though you have popped the balloon instead of letting it go, there is still going to be a lot more things to be done to help reduce the plastics in the oceans.

My ideas had developed and changed throughout this project as I was originally going to take my shoot on a beach in front of the sea, but once I had researched how other photographers had set up their shoots and what backgrounds they had used, I realised that a busy background would look too messy and I wouldn’t have achieved the same outcome I have with a black background. My idea was to edit the final outcome using HDR editing, I tried it and it didn’t look right, I don’t know what it was about it but I just don’t think it suited the style of photograph it was. I think HDR photography works better with landscapes and buildings.

I want to say that my work has shown my ideas but I guess it’s how people will perceive the image and their reaction to it.

Core Skills

The maths skills that I used for this project was setting up my shoot, as I had to measure bits of string, the angle of the off camera flash, and the distance the camera had to be from the balloon to get a good shot. Camera settings had an element of maths in it due to having to work out what aperture to put the camera on and what ISO it had to be on with a shutter speed of 1/250. English was used throughout the project due to evaluating each piece of work and evaluating the research I had done.


I experimented with a fast shutter speed, this was new to me as I hadn’t done anything like this before.I learnt how to do this by doing research and watching YouTube tutorials, which were actually really useful. I knew how to do it to a degree I just didn’t know what settings would work best for the outcome I wanted. On photoshop I just used clarity,contrast and saturation, which I’ve used before in previous projects, however I used more of multiply,feather and contract, whilst editing the plastic inside the balloon. This was good as it was more practice that I can now say I’ve done and I know how to use them properly now.

Character Development

I think I have developed on my drive and grit throughout this project because I had an idea,researched it and I got it done. Whereas for other projects I would be researching more and more than do the shoot, which left me with not a lot of time to edit the photos and see what needed to be done to them.

I managed my stress levels well as I knew what I wanted to do and I managed to get it done the way I wanted it. I would be more stressed if I left it last-minute as I wouldn’t be able to do the editing I had to do in a short amount of time. I am glad I gave myself a day to edit the photo as it let me experiment with techniques and not just settle with my first outcome,which is sometimes what I do.

I have met the deadline because I have finished what I wanted to achieve the week before it was due. This was down to my time management and what I prioritised over minor things that could be left last. Being in college everyday helped with this project as it allowed me to use the time I had in here to research the work I needed to do without any distractions which I would get at home.

I feel like I put a lot of effort into my work as I wanted to create something different from everyone else. Initially I thought I wouldn’t get it done and achieve it all in the time that I had. So I wanted to show myself that I can do it so I tried to achieve it in the best way I could.

The challenges I faced were easy to over come. The first challenge I had to face was the placement of the balloon and how I was going to hang it up in the air. The second challenge was that the off camera flash was playing up, so I had to keep turning it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on again so it would catch back up with the camera. Finally the last challenge I faced was the timing of the popping of the balloon and when to take the photo, I had many shots of half of the water before it hit the bath, or I had photos just before the pop. But thankfully I had a shot of the all of the water that I could work with.


I learnt that shutter speed is quite a big area of photography a lot of people do and have work on. I also learnt that there is many styles of shutter speed and that many people interpret it in many ways. I feel like I have interpreted the way I did shutter speed and the meaning behind it, in my own way. Working with a brief that is presented by a company made this project gave me more of a drive to do the best I could, as you had to impress a stranger and not someone you see at college.

Working With The Brief

Throughout the project I feel like I was meeting the clients brief as I was making sure my work was showing the environmental side of the harm of plastics. My target audience was a variety of people so I kept the end photograph quite simplistic in a way. Rather than gory and not suitable for someone who is younger.

I didn’t find the brief easy but then I didn’t find it hard either. It was just the thought process of how I can achieve what I want and how is it going to relate to everyone else.

High and Low Points

I am most proud of the outcome of my project,due to how well it worked out. I am also proud on how I managed to actually capture the water burst after so many failed attempts and almost giving up. I am least proud of how the plastics didn’t show up enough in the original shoot but I overcame that by editing more in. I am not sure what I want to work more on next term.

What Did The Audience Think?

Context: How much have they communicated about the subject context of the project? How well informed was it? How clear was their purpose? How well have they articulated their ideas, the meaning and the information supporting their project?

Lillie seems to have a really strong understanding of the subject context when writing about the brief. I think she showed that she had a good plan for the project in the post ‘My Idea for The Future Project’. I liked how much detail she went into about the brief and how she will achieve her plans and ideas as well as showing an example of the kind of thing she wanted to create.

Research: How widely have they researched into artists and information/facts in relation to the project? Does their research clearly link to their final and developing art work? How well does it do this? How independent was their research?

There is extensive research evident in Lillie’s blog which shows she understands a lot about other photographer’s interpretation and there is good analysis into their work. However, I think she could include some more links between the photographers and her own work and how she could implement their styles into what she is doing and whether she has taken any inspiration from them.

Problem solving: Do they describe the challenges they have had in developing their project? How well do they describe how they overcame these challenges? How well did they deal with the challenges?

There isn’t a wide range of evidence regarding problem solving but in her post titled ‘Edit 1’ she describes how she used Camera RAW to fix some of the things she didn’t like about the original photo. I think she could write a bit more about some of the problems/difficulties she may have faced during shoots etc. so that there is more evidence of problem solving.

Planning and production: How well detailed was their project planning? How well they continuously evaluate their progress in relation to these plans?

There is a good blog post about what she plans for the project which goes into a lot of detail regarding what she plans to do and how she is going to do it. However, there could be more continuous evaluation posts to show how her ideas have developed over time and if she has made any changes/stuck with what she initially wanted to do.

Practical skills: How well have they used practical skills? How effective is the imagery? How well produced was it?

The imagery that has been produced is really strong and one of the best images I have seen this project. It’s clear that Lillie has a really good understanding of camera techniques including shutter speed and aperture settings as well as excellent Photoshop knowledge which is really evident in her final piece. It’s also clear that she has gotten better knowledge of Premiere and how it can benefit her work. One thing I would suggest is to try and include more photography so that there is a wider range of imagery.

Evaluation and reflection: Have they consistently evaluated their work throughout the project? How well have they done this? Describe some examples of where they have done this.

There is not consistent evaluation throughout the blog but where it is there it is quite extensive and well-written. The post I am referring to is ‘My Idea For The Future Project’. In her photography posts as well there is good reflection about what she has done and where she can improve.

Presentation: How well presented was the blog? How well finished and presented were the final images & time based piece?

The blog is nicely presented and the final image seemed to be really strong and relevant for the project. The time based piece was also really good as it is clear that she had good knowledge of Photoshop and Premiere which worked to her advantage.

Time Spent On This Project

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 09.28.09.png

4D Evaluation

My 4D problem was a timelapse from the top of Toyrus carpark. To create the timelapse I had to use a tripod throughout the process, the camera had a setting which created the timelapse for me. To edit it I used Premier which was good as it helped me adjust it to the way I wanted them to go.

I wasn’t really influenced by any artists to create this timelapse,however the research I had done had helped me understand how it is done and how long it takes to create, including the patients that is required to do it. The challenges that I faced were not ‘big deals’ as I eventually worked it out in the end, the problem I had been timing, how long was needed to create at least a 30 seconds timelapse. If I was to do this again I would do a timelapse on something more interesting, something different from everything else that has been done.




Final Image:

back up.jpg  My image has two meanings:

  1. Popping balloons is better for the environment then letting them go, as when they are let go they eventually end up in the ocean, where it harms turtles and other sea life, as they think it is food. As it looks similar to jellyfish when the balloons have deflated and become old.
  2. Plastics are a big problem in the oceans as it ruins coral reefs and sea life in general.

I wanted to have two meanings to the photo, as I felt like they are both linked and can be stopped if people changed their actions and lifestyles.

I like my final image as I have tried something new,which I haven’t done before causing me to research more into the techniques on how to do it. What helped the most was the YouTube video that I watched, as it gave an example on how to set up the camera and the balloon. It also gave me an idea on what camera settings that I needed to capture the pop of the balloon, I adapted the settings throughout the shoot, due to the lighting I had.

By having an organic shape made by the water, it looks more natural and less forced, compared to something man made. What I mean by this is that is doesn’t have a perfect outline like a ball would have, the water is simply like this for not even a second until it falls into a puddle. The form of the water makes it look 3D due to the depth of the water curving in any direction before it falls.

Having negative space around the balloon makes it stand out more as it a clear even background. If the background was busy,full of colour or had objects around it,it wouldn’t be as effective because there would be too many distractions around the main focus causing the viewer to not understand what the main message is behind the balloon.

There is more emphasis on the centre of the balloon as that is where there is colour and a ripple from the pin touching the water. This is the important part of the photo as it shows the two meanings I am trying to put across, I want this to be the main focus for the viewer to be looking at and understanding.

All of the water is full of light as I had light from above and the off camera flash on the left of the camera. I feel like the left is a little bit brighter due to it having the flash on that side. I think having the water full of light makes it stand out against the black,showing again that it is the main focus of the photo.

Edit Four:


balloon feathered plastic.jpg

For this edit I had contracted and feathered the added plastics by 3, I did this so that it looked softer and blended in better. This worked really well, as it doesn’t look out of place like the other edits. I kept the opacity/colour the same as the third edit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.50.34.png

Edit Three:


balloon multiplied plastic.jpg

This edit involved me changing the opacity of the bits of added plastics and multiplying them all. As I had changed the colours of them,as I wanted a variation of colour, I used a lighter colour and then a darker colour to show where the light hit them and where there would of been a shadow. By multiplying the plastics it made them appear to be in the water rather on top of it, it also made the colour look less harsh. The opacity of the brush and the actual layer made a difference as well, it helped make it clear and to look more realistic. However I am still not sure on how I feel about it, as I don’t feel like it blends in well with the water.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.03.49.png

Edit Two:



balloon black back ground.jpg

For this edit I had used the stamp tool to make both sides of the image the same tone of black. I prefer having the whole background black as it makes the balloon stand out more and makes it pop out of the photo. Having it black also makes the water droplets stand out, when there was two different types of blacks as the background the water droplets on the left hand side blend in with the background,causing them to look grey and messy. If the back ground was white it would be harder to see the balloon and the water droplets from the pop. In this edit I didn’t edit the added bits of plastics, but I still don’t like how they are on top of the water ect.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.43.23.png

Edit One:


This is the original photo I had taken for my shoot, I like how the pop of the balloon had turned out but the rest looked quite messy so I edited it on photoshop and camera RAW.


balloon .jpg

For this edit I had adjusted the clarity,colours and contrast on camera RAW so that the out line of the water stood out more. I had added more bits of plastic to the centre of the balloon as the original bits of plastics had sunk to the bottom. However where I had added in the added bits of plastics you can see that they are just on top of the water, it doesn’t actually look like its apart of the balloon at all. ↓↓↓Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 11.43.23.png

The background for this edit was also the original background I had shot, I hadn’t done any editing to it. I don’t like the background in this image due to it show creases in the screen and how the blacks are two different colours.

Photoshoot Set Up:

For my photo shoot I had to set it up in my bathroom due to the fact that it was messy and water would have gone everywhere. To have been able to pop the balloon I had to tie a piece of string to my shower curtain pole and attach the balloon to it. The balloon was filled with water and broken up plastics, I chose to use colourful bits of plastics so that it was clear that they were present in the water and so that they were easy to see (stand out on the black back ground I had used)

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 14.43.51.png

The camera was set up on a tripod so that it was steady and so there was no motion blur in the photos I had taken. I had put the off camera flash on the edge of the sink at a 45° angle towards the balloon, I had also had the bathroom light on to have it brighter, this helped to bring the water droplets on the right hand side of the balloon out more.

My settings on the camera were:   ISO 250     Shutter Speed 250      Aperture F8


Jack Long; Shutter Speed Photographer:

I find Jack Long’s photography really interesting as he uses liquids to represent an object. The photograph I like the most is where he is trying to create spring flowers. I like it due to the colours and how he has added some spring flowers into the photo to add scale.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.15.59.png

I love how the liquids are curving over to create a flower bud appearance. The way he creates these are outstanding and all of his photos which involve fast shutter speed and liquids.Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.21.19.png

This photo reminds me of a different planet due to the colours and fog look about it. The silvers and oranges compliment each other well,which is why I think this photo works. Having the pop of orange in the three figures makes them stand out from the back ground, if there wasn’t a pop of orange I don’t think it would look as appealing as it would be all grey. It separates them from the background,even though it’s not a lot of difference, it just adds something.

All of his work is colourful and different from each other. Each image represents something else,which is clearly shown due to his choice of colours and shape he has made the liquids.

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