Cross Cric Overal Evaluation.

IMG_4136.JPGThis feedback is useful because it will help me in my next project to make my photographs better. For example using a plain background like the feedback says so the subject is the main focus not the background or surroundings.



Time Taken In Total:

meta-chartThis pie chart shows the amount of hours in total that I used to complete this assignment.

Overal Evaluation:

At the start of this project when we had the brief I had no idea what I wanted to do for the theme Identity Portraiture, so what I did first was research artists to get some inspiration and come up with an idea. The first thing I researched was ‘beauty’ although I didn’t research artists on this idea I googled searched ‘beauty photography’ and it came up with many ideas, it made me have a wide understanding of what the world thinks about ‘beauty’ as they have interpreted it in many different ways. I felt very passionate on this idea and I was dead set on doing a photo shoot aimed just on ‘beauty’. However I hadn’t gone down that path but instead I did incorporate it into my tattoo photo shoot. As I got deeper into my research and researched photographers that I already knew of and liked their work. I found that Tim Walker,a photographer that I like, had photographed some still life images, I then thought of doing a still life photo shoot, incorporating items that I like and wish to be in my photo shoot. I came across two images in particular of Tim Walkers work and that was the two photographs of the ice cream but with flowers as the scoops of ice cream, I immediately wanted to re-create this but making it my own, changing the flowers and putting objects in the photograph that had more meaning  through the items which I wanted to portray. I feel like that half of my time was taken up by researching photographers because the research was on going through out this project.

Some of the research that I had done I feel like it helped me develop my ideas and put a reason behind it. I also thought that my research helped understand the topic better because I realised that it doesn’t have to be photographs of your face to show your identity. I found my research useful and productive as I didn’t research anything I didn’t need or anything that wouldn’t help me progress further.

Throughout this project we had tutorials on how to do different things. For example we got to go into the light room and take some photographs for our self-portrait task we got given that day. We also got a tutorial on basic photoshop techniques which was really useful because I got shown things that I didn’t know you could do and shown how to do things that I already knew how to do it better. By knowing these photoshop skills it made my photographs better because I knew how to change the levels and how to correct the image if it had a random person in the back ground that I didn’t want in there. We also got shown the basic camera skills and all the functions on the camera. I found this really helpful as I didn’t know what ISO did and how to change it, I also felt like I knew quite a bit on aperture and shutter speed as I did it in GCSE photography, however I knew less than I thought. By doing these tasks during the weeks of the project it made my work better and look more presentable as I now know how to use photoshop and how to set the ISO which is important to know. I enjoyed doing this as it helped me develop my knowledge and further my work to make it better.

At the start of the project I had started to put all my work into a sketch book, however as the task progressed I changed my mind and put it all into a blog. I changed my mind because personally I feel that a blog looks more professional and clear, I also felt like I was getting behind on my work because of all the preparation a sketch book needs. In the end I feel like I made the right choice in choosing to do a blog because my work is clearly laid out looks more professional then it would have in a sketch book. I also liked using a blog because you could put links in and edit your work more easily where as in a sketch book it was much harder to correct your mistakes.

My ideas developed by doing more research and gaining more information about the artist. Doing more research made me change my ideas constantly the first week and then I made a final decision on what I was going to do. I feel like my ideas for my photographs changed due to the fact of knowing how to use photoshop in more depth now, if I didn’t know how to use photoshop the way I do now I don’t feel that my images would have turned out the way they did. My images have changed because of the level of research I had done. My first photo shoot, I was going to take tattoos from different parts of their body and put it all into one area, but when I tried this it just looked messy. I wanted the tattoo shoot to show that tattoos are not a bad thing so I feel that the way I edited the photograph it shown that.

I am most proud of the outcome of my photographs and how I have progressed from a doing photography at GCSE to now, where I have learnt so many new skills and gain so many new ideas of one theme. I am proud of my work because I like how I have interpreted it to be my own and how I have managed to pull it off. I was worried that I wouldn’t have managed to put my ideas together in the time frame we were given and create two final images, yet I have. What I would change is the start of the project when I thought it would be a good idea to do a sketch book, even though I worked really hard on the sketch book I just thought it wouldn’t have been enough to show what I could do;it is not as professional as a blog. I also wish that I managed my time better by planning when I was going to do my second photo shoot and when I was going to edit it. However I had time to do my photo shoot and editing before the deadline.

Next term I want to improve on my time management. This will benefit me because I will feel more organised whilst doing my work and it will be less stress free. By planning my time out well it wont cause me to rush my work or to get stressed about it, which will make my work better as it wont be rushed or done in a panic because I feel like I had run out of time.

I managed to keep my stress levels to a minimum as I didn’t want to make my work look like I had rushed it and been stressed out. I feel like I kept my stress levels down by concentrating on the work and not how long I had left to do it, it made me work harder on editing my photos and making them how I imagined they would look.

On the terms of time management I feel like I should have timed my photo shoots, as I put more time into the first one. I have met my deadlines as I had made sure that I was keeping to it so I wasn’t rushed or felt under pressure. I worked hard in the lessons as I wanted to get my work done, I feel like by being in for each session made my life much easier because it is easier to use the soft wear in the college as there is fewer distractions here then there is at home, also if I didn’t come in for the sessions at college I wouldn’t know how to use the software properly.

I put in a lot of effort into my work because I wanted to show what I could do and that I could do it in a time frame, I also wanted to prove to myself that it was possible that I could do it and that I could swap between a sketch book and blog. Whilst doing this project I feel that  I have shown to myself that I can do the work and have my final images done within a time frame set. In a sense I feel like I planned myself out well but I was just worrying due to the deadline approaching so fast.

Taking pride in the presentation in my work is important to me because I want my work to look the best it could possibly be. I want it to look neat and tidy because then I can get into practice of what I would need to do in future work. Having work look presentable makes people want to look at it more and give feedback, positive and negative. If the work does not look presentable people would just take notice of that and give back negative feed back  instead of positive. I like to have feed back given to me so that I make my work better and take the feed back and work on it, I think it is important to have someone other than you look at your work because you can’t notice mistakes if you have made, if you are non stop writing, it becomes unnoticeable.

The only challenge I have faced is putting all of my work into a blog, this took up some time as I put all the information from my sketch book onto word press. This was quite time-consuming as it was a lot of information that had to be added. However I found it much easier to put it all onto my blog then it was to put the information into my sketch book. As you can edit your mistakes/typos on a blog but in a sketch book you have to be more careful with spelling and handwriting.

To produce work to meet the brief I thought was challenging because I wanted to make it something different, not a portrait of my face. I felt that the way I have portrayed the theme it shows how I express and interpret the brief.

Overall I think that this assignment was good and interesting as I got to show who I am and what I like to photograph. Being told to do ongoing research was really useful as I got to  look at many artists work to gain ideas, however it became difficult when I couldn’t decide what idea I wanted to do. The research also gave me many techniques of how I could edit and present my photographs, looking at how they present and edit their work made me realise that there is many ways that I could edit my work, also to experiment with ideas to put into my blog.

If I was to do this assignment again I would widen my research of artists, I would not only research photographers I would research music,history and different cultures. I think I would find widening my research as it would give me more knowledge on the subject so I could make my photographs more relatable to the research. For example if I researched the culture I could have interpreted that into my photos. I would also manage my time better as I spent most of my time on researching. Spreading my time out across my work load would make me feel less stressed/worried about the outcome of my photographs.

For this assignment overall I would give myself a merit as personally I feel that I could have added more, for example I could have added more terminology whist evaluating my work and the work of photographers. I could have also used more primary research and secondary research, other than using the internet.Although my library task is in my blog I still think that I should have used more books and less internet based research. In my next task I think I will use more books as sources of research because some sources on the internet are not true.



Feedback From Matt:

She has shown a lot of description on each piece of work and well laid out, a lot to read with good detail on what is in the blog post, easy to read, Good research on so many different artists with a lot on them.

She has some images on what she did and she has a lot on what she has learnt as well as what she did on each day, which is nice to read. But would be better with some more images showing what she did.

She showed good use of showing the experimenting on Lightroom and Photoshop, and explaining what she did to the images, but if there were some images sowing the work in Lightroom or Photoshop then I would be easier to see what she did.

Over all Lillie has done a great blog with lots to read and a lot of research to show there she got the ideas from, but if she was to add more images showing her work being edited would help show how she got the final images.

What I think:

For the next assignment I will do what Matt has mentioned by screen grabbing step by step what I did to create my final images. Also to add in more photos throughout the day from each session to show my understanding in more depth through my photos.

Ice Flower Photo Shoot:

Final Image:img_4117-edit-copy

Choosing my final image was difficult as I liked all the images that I edited. Finally I chose this image because I love how it has a vintage look about it, with the vibrant pinks and off whites.

My image is a still life which is in a formation that describes me. I placed the flowers like this because it is in the shape of ice cream scoops in a glass,as I enjoy ice cream. I used white roses because the white of the rose represents purity. I feel that this describes me and shows my identity because I am pure as I haven’t broke any laws, also because I am a teenager and teenagers are still pure as they haven’t experienced life like adults have.

I decided to interpret the theme identity portraiture in a still life because of the way one image can represent many things, as it can be a cluster of items or one single item. Although my still life is not a cluster of images and looks quite simple I feel that it still gets across my idea and what I wanted to portray to the audiences.

I researched renaissance still life which I found really interesting because there was a variety of items in a organised manor, for example old cameras, books and flowers, each one of those items have a symbolic meaning behind them.Which is what I wanted to do as I wanted to have items that had a meaning which i agreed on and wanted people to see. I think Tim Walker and Renaissance still life were my favourite photographs/photographs to research due to the fact that there was so much variety to get inspired by and to put into my blog. It also gave me many ideas on how I could present my work and understand the meaning behind the items and colours I chose.


Ice Flower Photo Shoot:

Contact Sheet:


This is a variety of my images which I have taken. I wanted to put them into thumbnail sized photographs because I wanted to be able to click onto them so you can have a closer look. These photos haven’t been edited so some of them do not look professional.

I used a plain white piece of paper because I wanted a clean white colour as the back ground. At the start I was skeptical on how the paper was going to make the photo look but in the end I really liked the outcome because the glass reflects onto it and when the flash is on it builds a spotlight onto the ice cream cone.

Ice Flower Photo Shoot:

Editing On Light Room:

I had edited these photographs on light room. I like how all these photos have turned out and it is difficult to pick which one is going to be my final image. In the end I decided to re-create Tim Walkers photographs that I had researched. I found doing this photo shoot really interesting because I had to get the lighting correct so there was no shadows of the camera, and so I could see the texture of the roses. I really enjoyed doing this because I got to experiment with the positions of the flowers.

I also took into account the meaning of the items in my photographs because I wanted my image to represent me and what I like.

Tattoo Photo Shoot:

Final Image:FINAL.jpg I decided to have this photograph as my final image because I felt that it shown a more friendly side to tattoos and it takes away the stereotypical comments from the public. I wanted to do this as my final image for this photo shoot because I felt like it shows identity as you are different from everyone else,as you have changed your body to not look the same everyone else, it’s not just plain skin it has art on it instead, which creates your own identity.

Using photoshop for editing my final image because I wanted to colour pop and the only way I knew how to do it was on photoshop. I already knew how to do colour popping on photoshop as I did it at school. I decided to leave the shading on the light house out because it has no bright colours to it, so if I did colour pop it, it would just blend in with the black and white back ground. I wanted to colour pop the image so that the tattoos to stand out from the rest of the photo making it the main subject of the image, making it the subject of the image gives the viewers a clear concept of what my photograph is about and what I am trying to portray.

I have interpreted the theme identity into my own, as I haven’t taken photos of my face I have taken a photograph of someone else.  I have chosen to do this because as I have no tattoos and I like them so I decided I should take a photo of someone who does. I picked to photograph tattoos due to the facts that I like them and I love how they are all unique and no one has the same, because tattoo artists will never repeat their work onto someone else,they want everyone to have their own unique tattoo which means something to them. I also wanted to show that people with tattoos are not ‘thugs’ or any other stereotype, as the model that I used has a job and is not a ‘thug’. I feel that just because someone has tattoos on their body people automatically think negatively towards them and become prejudice even when they don’t know them.

I researched Mark Leaver and he photographs people who have tattoos on their face and body. I was inspired by him because he doesn’t care that the public does not like tattoos but he photographs them anyway. He creates the idea that you do not have to photograph things that will please the public what pleases yourself and makes you proud of your work.  Leaver also shows that tattoos are another form of beauty by photographing people with tattoos on their face it to me connotes make-up however it is with them forever, but it shows who they really want to be every day whereas people who were make up have to apply it every day making themselves look different.

My opinion that tattoos connotes make-up links back to some of the research I did on beauty and how the public is starting to look all the same because of the expectations of everyone looking the same. People have to re-apply their make up everyday making themselves look the same everyday, whereas people with tattoos have the same look everyday showing who they truly are/want to be. Tattoos are permanent so they can’t come off with a wet wipe which shows to the public that you don’t have to look like everyone else, as like I’ve said tattoo artists will not repeat their work twice.


Cross Cric Evaluation:

On the first day we got to go have a look at what all the other courses did on that day. This is some of the work that I found interesting and stood out to me. All the pieces of work that I seen was all very different and how people interpret their brief.

The photos on the right is what I thought of the work, giving them feedback on what was good about it.

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